Alexa Robertson

is Professor of Media and Communication at the Department of Media Studies (IMS), Stockholm University. When not working on the project, she does research and teaches on the political role of the media under globalization, and the role of culture in politics. Her books include Media and Politics in a Globalized World (Polity, 2015) and Mediated Cosmopolitanism: the world of television news (Polity 2010). In Global News: Reporting Conflicts and Cosmopolitanism (Peter Lang 2015), she compares reporting in two channels often referred to as ‘counter-hegemonic’ (Al Jazeera English and Russia Today) with two ‘western’ channels (CNNI and BBC World) to see whether they do indeed report the world differently. The red thread running throughout is the question of how media representation is conceived and effected in a world of diversity and transborder flows. She is the editor of the project anthology Screening Protest. Visual narratives of dissent across time, space and genre (Routledge, forthcoming).

Karin Becker

is Professor Emerita of Media Studies at IMS. She has extensive experience of analyzing visual media forms and practices, and has studied global media events as mediated through public space. Recent texts include Veneration and Wonder: The politics of making art in an Oaxacan village. Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, 6 2014 (with Geska Brecevic). (2014); ‘Being here from afar: The media event relocated to the public viewing area. Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture, 5(2), 153-168 (with Andreas Widholm, ‘Gestures of Seeing: Amateur photographers in the news. Journalism – Theory, Practice & Criticism’ (2013 ) and ‘Zegache stories/Relatos de Zegache‘.

Diana Grecu

works as research assistant, coding news, managing the project’s media archive and organising events. She is a graduate of University of Bucharest and has a Masters degree from Stockholm University in Media and Communication Studies, programme taken at IMS. She does research on protest in contemporary popular music, analysing the presence and representation of lyrical and visual protest in songs that make their way in the Year End Billboard Charts.

Luiza Chiroiu

is a research assistant on the project, coding news, working with statistics and developing the project infrastructure. Before coming to Sweden she worked as a journalist for a Romanian business newspaper. A graduate of the Masters programme in Media and Communication studies at IMS, her previous research has focussed on sport events as manifestation of social discontent.

Mike Bode

PhD. is a visual artist and independent researcher. His recent work has focused on the construction and configuration of material taken from online sources and its contextualization and use in art practice. For the Screening Protest Project Bode will be focusing on the representations of protest from an aesthetic point of view and aims to develop a series of visual presentations which will build directly on findings coming out of the Screening Protest Project. For his research Bode has also teamed up with media researcher Max Hänska and together they are exploring the processes of verification, mediation and the ecology of user generated imagery and its movement across digital technologies and media platforms. 

Mohamed Lashein

is a coder on the project. Before moving to Sweden, he worked as a reporter in the Arab League and wrote for the Algomhuria newspaper in Egypt. He is the editor-in-chief of Sweden Post, an online Swedish newspaper in Arabic. Mohamed has a Masters degree in Arabic language sciences and arts, and has written extensively on protests in the Middle East and the Arab Spring.

Ola Lopatynska

has coded an impressive amount of our project material. Her academic interest lies within strategic narratives and propaganda techniques applied by global news outlets. These were the main issues Ola has explored in her Master’s thesis “CNN vs. RT: Comparative Analysis of Media Coverage of a Malaysian Airlines Aircraft MH17 Shooting Down within the Framework of Propaganda”.

Madeleine Ceder

is a coder on the project and is currently completing a study of coverage of the Ferguson protests in BBC World, Al Jazeera English and RT.

Nadja Schaetz

studied Visual Communication at Bauhaus University before taking up a place on the International Masters Programme at IMS. She works as a coder on the project and is our infographics expert.

Aleksandra Galus

is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. Her doctoral research concerns the role of Polish media assistance in the Ukraine, and she has a special interest in digital activism. An Eramus Plus stipend has made it possible for her to join the Screening Protest team as research assistant in 2017.

Mohammed Alabdalla

is a graduate of Damascus University in Syria, where he earned a law degree. Before coming to Sweden he worked as a teacher and for a publisher. Mohammed began his project internship in 2017.

Clarie Åkesson

began coding for the project in January 2017.

April Lin

is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), where she was awarded the Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best dissertation in the Department of Sociology. Her research interests include the processes whereby diasporic identities are developed and mediated via transnational visual narratives. April joined the Screening Protest team in August 2017.