Maps of Protest – 2017 (daily headlines)

May 21, 2019

AJE displays the most extensive map of the world when it comes to the protests of 2017. This translates into the colouring of most spots on the map, especially in paler shades, which suggests that AJE covers a high number of countries rather than focusing on a few. On the contrary, in 2017, CNNI’s focus was clearly on the US. While the results for other years show this CNNI’s tendency of privileging the US in its reporting, 2017 is an outstanding year, particularly due to the large manifestations that took place in the US during that year (e.g. Women’s march, Florida school shooting protests). 

RT’s interest in the West and particularly in the protests taking place in that part of the world is both visible on the map (the US, Spain, the UK, Germany, France and Italy are all ‘beaming’ with activity) and consistent with previous SP results. The US leads the chart in BBCW’s protest coverage as well, followed at a significant difference by Spain, which saw significant mobilisations pro and against Catalonia’s independence throughout the fall of 2017.

These maps include not only the countries where protests took place but all the countries that were mentioned by the anchor in a headline about protest (thus, presented as connected one way or another to the protest in focus). At the same time, not all countries appeared equally frequently in the protest headlines, and this difference is marked on the map through different shades of the colour associated to each channel. Worth mentioning here is also that some of the entities coded under the variable ‘Country’, such as EU or Global, are not visualised on the maps. However, they are to be fund in the corresponding tables on the SP website.

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