2015: Analysed Items and Share of Protest

April 15, 2020

As for 2011 the sample for 2015 included all news items contained in the main evening news broadcast each Monday on AJE, BBCW, CNNI and RT, a total of 2620 news items. In this period, the AJE sample contains a larger number of news items than the other channel due to its broadcast at the sampled hour being longer during the latter months of the year. The year in focus in this table was marked by concerns relating to Greece defaulting on its debt and running the risk of leaving the EU and, not least, the beginning of what became know as the 2015 ‘refugee crisis’. Against this backdrop, protest was a less significant feature of the political landscape portrayed by the four channels. An analysis of coverage of the Greek protests in this period can be found in ‘Mediating democracy: global television news and the Greek protests of 2015’, Chapter 4 of the Screening Protest anthology. As well as BBCW, the chapter examines reporting by two other global channels studied in the project: Deutsche Welle and Euronews.

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