Hong Kong and Screening Protest

September 6, 2016

Karin Becker is representing the project team in Hong Kong this week, where she is giving a talk about the visual dimension of protest. Her timing couldn’t be better. The top story in BBC World news today is the elections to the Hong Kong Legislative Council, and, in particular, the success of young pro-democracy activists. Among those who won seats on the council is the leader of the 2014 ‘Umbrella Movement’, Nathan Law. BBC World has explained the event using a humourous piece on political insults. Despite the gravity of the issues at stake, it’s not the only example of how humour is used as a political weapon in Hong Kong. A recent programme on Al Jazeera highlighted how activists have been risking life and limb to clamber up skyscrapers and turn their lights into giant hands giving an impolite finger to the Hong Kong authorities. Watch this space for more on Karin’s Hong Kong experience.

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